Meet Kate!

Hello, I’m Kate! I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in St. Louis. Thanks for your interest in my sweet little company. I’ve been photographing people in love since 2007 and hope to keep doing it for many years to come. Since you came here to meet me, let me give you a few little tidbits that will hopefully intrigue you into wanting more. I am a wife and a mom, two jobs I love. I’ve been married to my husband Seth since 2005, and we welcomed our son Noah in 2007. I am originally from Indianapolis, so if you call me a Hoosier, I will take it as a compliment. I am hooked on chai tea lattes and skinny peppermint mochas. I have decided that yoga pants and my Uggs are the most comfortable things in the world and wish I could wear them all the time. French fries are my favorite food and I’ve passed that love on to Noah.

Want more? Call me, we’ll chat. But….I will want to know something about you too.:)

For dates and availability please visit my Contact page to get in touch! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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